Seductive Amoebae

A dark and biting satire, Seductive Amoebae follows psychopathic anti-hero, Thomas Paul, as he embarks upon a campaign of natural retribution against a morally defunct society.


Set in an anonymous modern day city, Seductive Amoebae follows the demise of Thomas Paul – handsome, wealthy and successful, indulging in the excesses that ingulf and suffocate him. Paul’s wife takes part in a pilot study for Filodave, a new fertility drug. She dies giving birth to a horribly disfigured child. The drug is introduced in an media whirl, despite warnings that it isn’t yet ready for public consumption. Embarking on what he perceives to be a campaign of natural retribution against Filodave and ultimately against society – the paths of Paul, his daughter and the creator of the drug, Edward Mansfield, inadvertently cross and entangle, culminating in a chaotic, violent and disturbing finally.

Book Information :

Seductive Amoebae

25 February 2011

KIndle / Paperbacck