Starbucks Ate My Lobster

Written in the style of short tweet-like pros, Starbucks Ate My Lobster follows the life of a group of friends in April 2013, written through the eyes of a disillusioned lawyer turned writer, taking a sabbatical to finish his long awaited debut novel.


The novella has been described as a “…deliciously quirky little book” and has been said to display the often vacuous existence of the social media generation; snapshot news, success reflected by volumes of followers, retweets and likes, a dinner part where people text each other instead of talk, families who gather my Facetime. 


However, as well as reflecting the evolution of the way in which we communicate with each other and providing a potential bleak glance at the contemporary society, the book also offers a darkly funny and satirical take upon the way in which we live and ultimately throws up a number of questions:-


Will the debut novel ever be completed?

Will he reach 1,000 followers on Twitter?

Will the skinny jeans he won on eBay ever show up?

Will Wrexham Football Club ever get promoted?

Did Margaret Thatcher deserve a £10,000,000.00 funeral?

Is there hope for this generation?

Will the North Korean President (who he swears he went to school with) succeed in blowing up the world – making all these questions ultimately futile?

Book Information :

Starbucks Ate My Lobster

2 May 2013

KIndle / Paperbacck