Stories From The City / Stories From The Sea

Travel through a landscape of schizophrenic urinal obsessives, a novice serial killer, an underwater boxing champion, an airplane meal menu with a difference, a famous cartoon character tracing his disgraced family past, a suicidal fat-feeding lawyer, a visit by animal psychologists to a post pandemic human world, a deadly, not to be forgotten trip to an art gallery, a man’s desperate quest to find a skinny jean that actually fits him, a restaurant that cares only about the beauty of its diners, an unexpected therapy session that doesn’t end well.


Think of a collaboration of Bret Easton Ellis, Chuck Palahniuk and Irvine Welsh having a night in, taking LSD, watching Black Mirror and you might get close to the absurd imagination that has created these stories of love, despair, hope, death – the kaleidoscope of human emotions that have been triggered and enhanced during a pandemic world in lock-down.


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Stories From The City / Stories From The Sea

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